In the last step of your order you can choose how you would like to pay - in any case secure and uncomplicated! 

You have the choice between payment with: 

Paypal | Credit Card | Giropay | Direct Debit | Apple Pay | Google Pay 

What is PayPal?

Paypal is one of our authorized partners for payment of your products in our höfats online store. PayPal is a secure, fast and convenient online payment system that we use for our store. Over 16 million active customers use PayPal in Germany alone. Pay uncomplicated and secure only with email address and password.

What is STRIPE?

STRIPE is an authorized partner for payment of your products with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) in our höfats online store. STRIPE is a secure, fast and convenient online payment system that we use for our store. If you pay by credit card, the payment is processed by the payment service provider Stripe, 8th St STE 100, San Francisco, CA 94110-2043, USA, to whom we pass on the information about your order, including name, address, account number, bank routing number, any credit card number, invoice amount, currency and transaction number.  The transfer of your data takes place exclusively for the purpose of payment processing with the payment service provider Stripe Ltd.  You can find more information about Stripe's data protection at the URL 
Credit card data is not stored on our website.

What is Giropay?

Giropay is an online payment service backed by numerous of major banks. This service allows you to pay for purchases on the Internet quickly and easily. You do not need to register to use Giropay. Rather, its use depends on whether your credit institution also supports the service. The use of the payment method is free of charge. Just like PayPal and unlike the classic bank transfer, when paying via Giropay, the seller immediately receives a notification about the receipt of funds and can therefore quickly ship the goods.

What is Direct Debit?

Direct debit is an online payment system of Sofort GmbH for cashless payment on the Internet. The procedure is a pseudo advance payment system, since the merchant does not receive the payment, but a payment confirmation immediately. As a result, most merchants act as with advance payment and release goods or downloads immediately. The core of each transaction is questionable in terms of the customer's data protection: the buyer transmits the online PIN of his bank account, which is normally strictly protected against access by third parties, and a TAN that is only valid for exactly one transaction to Sofort GmbH. After checking the account balance, Sofort GmbH executes the transfer to the merchant and immediately sends the merchant a transaction confirmation. In addition to the account balance, further data is retrieved from the payment service provider to check the account coverage, including the current account balance, the turnover, the credit line of the overdraft facility, the existence of other accounts, as well as their balances. This query is automated and the user is not informed.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works very simply. You can use it to make contactless payments. Apple Pay never stores your card number on your device or on Apple servers, so data about your transaction can't be traced back to you. So paying with Apple Pay is really fast, easy and secure.

Invoice and VAT

You can specify a billing address that is different from the recipient's address on the second page of the shopping cart. Uncheck the box "The billing address is the same as the recipient's address" and then enter the name, surname and the billing address. VAT is included in the price you see on the website and in the shopping cart.