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JOHNNY CATCH Magnet Bottle Opener


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  • wall-mounted bottle opener with magnet
  • strong magnet: holds approx. 10-15 bottle caps
  • compact and slim
  • easy wall mounting without screws
  • chic gift packaging

JOHNNY CATCH magnet - probably the most attractive wall-mounted bottle opener in the world. The strong magnet catches and holds up to 15 bottle caps! Sticks securely to the wall.
A wall-mounted bottle opener can be this slim and attractive! Open the bottle and CLACK! - your cap is hanging on the stainless steel surface. The strong invisible magnet holds up to 15 bottle caps and amazes everyone with its growing beard of bottle caps!
JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is always on hand and ready to work. Whether at home or in the club, in the clubhouse or the kebab stand, at sports or in your favourite pub.
Just stick it on the wall. No drilling, no fiddling with dowels or screws. The double-sided 3M adhesive tape sticks everywhere - even on uneven surfaces.
Where can JOHNNY CATCH be at service next? With you, friends or customers? The chic gift packaging makes JOHNNY CATCH the perfect party present and premium giveaway!
Dimensions: 13 × 4 × 3 cm
Weight: 0.1 kg
Material: brushed stainless steel 
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Tobias March 27, 2021 12:15

Ich bin glücklicher Besitzer eines Johnny und muss sagen, der Öffner ist jeden Cent wert. Er hängt in der Küche und wird eigentlich täglich benutzt. Und er funktioniert einwandfrei. Das entleeren des Behälters ist kinderleicht. Und dazu noch dieser Kundenservice. Ich habe einen zweiten Johnny bestellt und mit diesem hab es leichte Probleme. Ohne großen Aufwand erhielt ich aber sofort einen neuen Johnny. So wünscht man sich das. Hier wird der Kunde wirklich noch groß geschrieben.

Gabi February 28, 2021 08:03

Habe den Johnny Catch für meinen Sohn zum WG Einzug geschenkt. Hängt dort jetzt am Kühlschrank. Ist natürlich jetzt das Highlight in der WG:) Klare Kaufempfehlung!

JOHNNY CATCH Magnet Bottle Opener


JOHNNY CATCH Magnet - Bottle opener with the power of attraction

JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is mega attractive. No bottle cap can escape its pull. Whether beer, soda or tonic water. Whether in the bar, in the club or in the pub around the corner. JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is always welcome. From a garden to a construction trailer, from Stylo kitchen to chaotic flat share, from ski hut to beach bar, from workshop to roof terrace. Or next to your fire basket with grill feature. Maybe even right on the fridge? Your guests will love JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET!

Always at hand on the wall

You can rely on JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET. It's always there when you need it. Always ready to help. Just attach JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET to the wall. Without screws and dowels. The double-sided 3M adhesive tape holds like it’s bomb-proof. On a brick wall, masonry or directly on the refrigerator? You decide!

Master catcher: JOHNNY CATCH CUP! 

Have you heard about JOHNNY CATCH CUP? In this version, the bottle caps fall directly into a high-quality collecting cup after opening. It holds up to 60 caps until it is full. And then? Just lift it out, dump it and your smart helper is ready for the next catch!

What makes JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET unique

As attractive as Marilyn Monroe, as sure of her catch as Manuel Neuer - and yet so modest: JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET easily grabs up to 15 bottle caps. The style is dead chic, but unobtrusive. It hangs around on the wall, slim and casual. And then: CLACK! - the next bottle cap is caught!
Amazing bottle opener

Refreshingly different: JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is a party essential and a real show-stopper! The strong magnet catches one bottle cap after the other and creates a beard of caps. I wonder how many it can hold? Check it out!

Fits in any place 
JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET inspires at every venue: in the sports hall, in the clubhouse and at the bar. In the workshop, next to the barbecue or right on the fridge. Actually, every good location deserves one. Where will you see it next?
Simple assembly

On the wall in no time at all: JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is super easy to attach. No drilling, no dowels or screws. The double-sided 3M adhesive tape adheres to all surfaces, even if the substrate is very uneven. Where do you want to install it?

Durable material
JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET is made of 100% stainless steel. The durable material not only makes your wall-mounted bottle opener extremely robust and long-lasting, but also allows it to hang stable and flat on any wall. The brushed surface gives it a timeless look.

Which version is right for you?  

MAGNET or CUP? That’s the question now! The high-performer JOHNY CATCH CUP catches up to 60 bottle caps and is great for party lovers. The super-slim JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET, on the other hand, amazes its users with its typical KLACK! and growing “bottle cap beard”.



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We wanted the best wall-mounted bottle opener in the world!

There are many wall-mounted bottle openers. But none of them could really convince us. Too big, too ugly, a pile of bottle caps on the floor.... We wanted to change that! Our idea for the best wall-mounted bottle opener in the world: easy to use, aesthetic design, high functionality! We started a crowd-funding initiative and financed the production of the JOHNNY CATCH CUP concept that way! That was the first time we introduced a product to the market ourselves. What a great feeling! The response was fantastic, so we immediately followed up: JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET was born. Numerous companies have opted for one of the two variants as a premium gift and ordered at least one of the two variants with their name or logo. What a great catch!