Never forget how to light a fire!

We are all confronted with an increasingly complex and digital everyday life, especially in the last twelve months when working from home became the norm overnight. But once again, and perhaps more impressively than ever before, this time has shown us how digitalisation fuels the longing for a balance – for something real, tactile, natural, enduring and heart-warming. First and foremost, this is the longing for a beautiful and carefree time with our loved ones. And no matter where we satisfy this longing these days, in our closest relationships at home or outside in the garden and in nature - these times are even more intense, cosier and quite simply much more beautiful with fire. That is exactly what drives us every day and what we have been burning for since we started in 2015: We want put the fire back into your life.

You and your best friends gathered around a crackling fire. Is there anything more beautiful than that? These unforgettable fire stories are our answer to the question “why?”. It is why höfats conceives, invents, optimises and produces beautiful, innovative and unique products. Our range includes table flames, fire baskets, fire bowls, barbecues, lanterns, torches and in the future will also include many other products that will make your time by the fire the best time of your life.

höfats DNA

Our founders and managing directors Thomas and Christian met and became friends during their mechanical engineering studies and subsequently studied product design together in Berlin. So they are both engineers and designers at the same time. They combine these disciplines together as product developers. The combination of form and function, of art and technology, is therefore at the nucleus and head of höfats and our unmistakable DNA. WirtschaftsWoche ran an article about höfats entitled “Functional design meets attention to detail”. höfats’ products combine unique design with inspiring functionality and claim to be the best of their kind. We have always remained true to this DNA since our founding in 2015, which has been rewarded many times over: In the last five years, höfats has been awarded far more than 50 design prizes. 

There is considerable potential in the direct interweaving of the disciplines of design and engineering, as history also teaches us. In the “Role Models” section, we look at people, biographies and teams who, like höfats, stand for the combination of technology and aesthetics – we take a look at our heroes. They are our inspiration and motivation to stay true to our DNA and spur us on to perform with excellence day after day.


50+ Awards

Since our foundation, we have won 54 design awards and prizes, among them the most renowned of the branch, and this makes us somewhat proud. 


50+ Patentes

höfats stands for FIRE + FORM + FUNCTION. We combine independent and puristic design with fascinating functionality. höfats products are unique and in order to guarantee this also in the future, brands, utility models, designs and patents are protected. Our immaterial assets meanwhile comprise more than 50 property rights. 

höfats Homebase

After a long search, we recently found our dream property. A fantastic industrial loft office in the traditional walls of the former textile industry in Kempten overlooking the Iller river. The generous rooms create lots of space for creative freedom and enable us to live our open company culture. The thought-out room concept encourages both concentrated and focused work in silence and lively exchanges, workshops and daily teamwork.

And, of course, a super-chic vintage table football adorns our office – a start-up cliché we are pleased to confirm. It is only natural for us to have lunch together. All of us cook for one another – taking daily turns, one for all. Right next door, in the spacious showroom, we demonstrate our proven range of products as well as our latest developments to trade partners. By now, we have made ourselves comfortable and feel right at home here. Delicious drinks are always at hand in our fridge (thanks to Allgäuer Alpenwasser it’s not only beer), the atmosphere is casual, the vibe is great. Even when days sometimes run longer – it’s simply fun to work here.


To be honest – höfats feels like a circle of friends. I think that something like this cannot be planned; of course, we have worked hard on it, but many things simply arose. Most of us are in the middle of their 30s with outliers being younger or older. We are a clique of 25 great people who respect, like and help each other, motivate in order to achieve top performance, who stand for each other and all burn for höfats and put in their hearts and passion – in order to make the höfats fire blaze even more day by day.



You like höfats? Our products & fire? What we do and how we do things? You can imagine being an important part of our team? Then show us what you can do! höfats is a young and exciting company with a great corporate culture - we value fairness and team spirit.



If someone had told us at the beginning of 2015 that höfats was to become a company with 40 employees in 2021, we probably would have called him crazy – more so because this development had not been planned at all. There were many things we did not know at the beginning. And there were many things we completely underestimated – and that was good. In fact, an exciting and intensive time lies behind us, including very beautiful and also some difficult episodes. In retrospect, almost everything was important for us and some of the things we tackled were right. We enjoy looking back on these wild years and are absolutely looking forward to the things to come.



The Höfats – queen of the grass-covered mountains – is one of the most fascinating mountains in the Allgäu Alps: Mountaineering legend Josef Enzensperger described the Höfats as the most exceptional mountain he knew. For Anderl Heckmair who climbed many famous mountains in the world and who was the first one to climb the Eiger north face, the Höfats was – without any doubt – his all-time favorite. Author Uli Aufferman dedicated a multi-page declaration of love to the Höfats. 

 This fascination as evoked by the Höfats within people is exactly what we want to spark with our products within you. But why exactly have we chosen the Höfats? Our DNA is the combination of design and engineering in personal union. In our opinion, this combination makes a lot of sense, particularly as it is rarely to be found. When thinking about a company’s name, many meaningful and reference-rich combinations of design and technology came up. However, we were not satisfied at all and finally dropped that idea. We wanted to have a very special name, a name with depth. Nevertheless, such a name should not be a restriction to us. We were looking for something emotional, something constant, and also a local context was enticing us – for we are proud Allgäu natives (and as soon as we open our mouths, you can immediately hear that). 

There are several parallels between this mountain and us: The Höfats has two main ridges with two individual summits each – and we were two founders then. Our summits are design and technology. The Höfats moreover is a mountain with four individual summits which all have the same altitude, and we as founders are equal as well. The Höfats is known for an especially fertile ground where herbs and plants grow that, in fact, can only be found here and nowhere else throughout the northern alpine region. Day by day, we also try to create unique products. 

 Thus, the Höfats became our name giver, a very special Allgäu mountain. The Höfats, also known as the “Matterhorn of the Allgäu”, is the most distinctive mountain in the Allgäu Alps and probably the most impressive grass-covered mountain of all, both famous and infamous for its almost unreal, steep grass flanks. “Steep, steeper – Höfats”, a saying goes – today the battle call within the höfats team and our daily motivation.